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Trees require proper pruning to properly fulfill these many useful functions. While forest trees may survive for centuries without any attention or pruning, the same may not be true for trees we plant around our homes, farms, and communities. Trees planted in these more exposed locations are subject to wind stress. Our ornamental trees have been developed with specific forms and, in some instances, flowering and fruiting characteristics. Pruning is often necessary to promote proper growth and form.

Professional tree trimming thins out the tree and removes dead or overgrown branches for the best and healthiest overall appearance of the tree. We also get what is called Mistletoe. That is an unsightly clump of green foliage that birds carry from tree to tree. It attaches to the limbs and penetrates the branches, eventually choking the life out of your tree. It must be removed or your tree will not survive.

In Florida we have to prepare for hurricanes and making sure your tree is in good condition and free from dead wood or hollow bark is extremely important. While trimming your tree we can do a full inspection of the tree and advise you on any condition that might be present.

Magnolia grandiflora is a medium to large evergreen tree which may grow to 90 ft. tall. It typically has a single stem and a pyramidal shape. The leaves are simple and broadly ovate, 5–8 in long and 2–5 broad, with smooth margins. They are dark green, stiff and leathery, and often scurfy underneath with yellow-brown pubescence. The large, showy, lemon citronella-scented flowers are white, up to 12 in across and fragrant, with 6–12 petals with a waxy texture, emerging from the tips of twigs on mature trees in late spring. Flowering is followed by the rose-coloured fruit, ovoid and 3–4 in long and 1.5–2 in wide.


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