Small Tree Types Brevard County

These trees can be planted underneath or near power lines and between sidewalks & roads in the right-of-way.

Small Trees (~ 25 feet max.) and well-drained soil

Scientific names Common name

Acacia farnesiana * Sweet acacia Fl ST

Acca sellowiana Pineapple guava Fl ST

Alnus serrulata * Hazel alder

Caesalpinia pulcherrima Dwarf Poinciana Fl

Callistemon citrinus Bottlebrush Fl ST

Callistemon viminalis Weeping bottlebrush Fl ST

Carya floridana * Scrub hickory

Castanea pumila * Chinquapin

Cercis canadensis * Eastern redbud Fl

Chionanthus virginicus * Fringetree Fl

Cordia boissieri White Geiger tree Fl ST

Erythrina herbacea * Coral bean tree Fl ST

Eugenia rhombea * Red stopper ST

Forestiera segregata * Florida privet ST

Ilex ambigua * Sand holly

Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii’ Burford holly

Ilex cassine * Dahoon holly

Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’ Weeping yaupon holly ST

Ilex vomitoria * Yaupon holly ST

Jatropha integerrima Peregina (produces poisonous seeds) Fl

Lagerstroemia indica Crape myrtle (many cultivars) Fl

Ligustrum japonicum Japanese privet ST

Parkinsonia aculeata Jerusalem thorn Fl ST

Photinia fraseri Redtip photinia

Prunus angustifolia * Chickasaw plum Fl

Prunus caroliniana * Cherry laurel

Prunus umbellate * Flatwoods plum

Quercus chapmanii * Chapman oak

Rhamnus caroliniana * Carolina buckthorn

Rhus glabra * Smooth sumac

Senna bicapsularis Butterfly bush Fl ST

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