Large Tree Types Brevard County

Large trees need large areas for their root systems to spread so they can hold the trees up in a storm or hurricane. Their roots will spread 2-3 times past the end of their branches.

Plant large trees AT LEAST 12 feet from roads, sidewalks and driveways or buckling and damage could occur!

Do not plant large trees in locations that are underneath power lines or too close for the mature spread of the tree.

Large Trees (50+ feet) and well-drained soil

Scientific names Common name

Carya alba * Mockernut hickory

Carya glabra * Pignut hickory

Celtis laevigata * Hackberry or Sugarberry ST

Liquidambar styraciflua * Sweetgum

Magnolia grandiflora * Southern magnolia Fl ST

Morus rubra * Red mulberry

Nyssa sylvatica * Black gum

Pinus palustris * Long leaf pine ST

Platanus occidentalis * Sycamore

Quercus nigra * Water oak

Quercus shumardii * Shumard oak

Quercus virginiana * Live oak ST

Taxodium distichium * Bald cypress

Ulmus parvifolia Chinese evergreen elm

Ulmus alata Winged elm

Ulmus americana * American elm

Ulmus Americana floridana * Florida elm

Ulmus crassifolia * Cedar elm

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